UTD The United Teachers of Dance

UTD United Teachers of Dance

The United Teachers of Dance was founded in 1976 by Mrs. Valerie Ann Harris and twenty founding Teacher Members.

The Association was founded for the following main reasons:-
• To allow dance into everyone's life whatever shape, size, colour or age;
• To set examination progression at a level obtainable by pupils in an acceptable time frame;
• For all syllabi to have a good technique base, but to also be enjoyable;
• To set examination fees at affordable prices

The United Teachers of Dance has grown since its birth and is now established throughout the UK with teachers also in Ireland, Holland and Germany.

Since the association is a limited company an Annual General Meeting is held each year, during the month of May.

As to the development of the United Teachers of Dance we aim to be a forward looking association, proactive rather than reactive.
Each subject has a head of department who terms of reference are to ensure their specialist subject is a market leader.
Along these lines we have introduced an Acrobatics Gymnastics solo and pairs agilities award, street dancing also featured in our recent Annual General Meeting along with Zumba.
Who know what the future holds...................

United Teachers of Dance
Address: Chantry House, High Street,
B46 3BP
Phone: 01675 463700
Web: www.unitedteachersofdance.co.uk
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